xbox 360 sky player code question

    does anybody knows when the sky player codes expire for the xbox 360?
    on the packiging it states 30th september which is tommorow
    but ive heard sky have caaried the date over is that true???



    Just posted this in the other thread

    The sky cards i have have said use by 30th of September 2010.

    Although when i submitted my most recent code a few days ago on skys website it said the code is valid until 30th September 2011.

    Not sure which one to trust

    The latter

    Original Poster

    anything officia
    cant find notthing on there site
    thx for the commenbts and i tried searching but couldnt find any post
    can u post ur thread plz STARR
    so i can view comments form other members

    Its not relevant to your question though…604

    It should be the 2011 expiry date if thats what it says once ive put the code in.

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