xbox 360 slim

    hope you guys can help want to get one of these next week maybe even monday if the funds are in the bank.
    problem is what one
    do i get the argos deal 149.99 4gb with extra controller and game
    or do i get the 250gb at 199,99 and buy an extra controller. on one hand want the extra controller but on the other would prefer the bigger hard drive
    also want the kinect in november so what im asking is.......
    how much can you get an extra controller for or the bigger hard drive.
    i know you can make the hard drive bigger yourself but cant be bothered really and would like xbox live all by next friday help please
    oh and whats the cheapest price on kinect thanks.


    250gb FTW

    You'll regret buying the 4gb one sooner or later...

    Original Poster


    250gb FTWYou'll regret buying the 4gb one sooner or later...

    thats what i was thinking
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