Found 11th Apr 2011
Just bought a 250gb xbox slim from Amazon, it arrived today and I've been playing it for about 10 mins (Battlefield Bad company 2 which is also brand new) and it all of a sudden went black screen. Still light on box and controller.

Restarted it and it seemed fine, then another 5 mins or so and it happened again, left it on a black screen while I went to get another game to test, when I got back it was on the dashboard, swapped the game and it restarted itself.

Now it just keeps restarting, getting to nearly the end of the 'jingle' it plays when it starts, restart, jingle, restart, etc. etc.

Is it something that is common? Am planning to contact Amazon tonight to arrange a return unless anyone knows something I don't?

Bit annoyed as I've been waiting for ages to get one


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Now it won't turn on. Just a green light in the centre of the button on the console, 4 flashing rings on the controller

It sounds to me like something is wrong with it, and it may be broken.

send it back and get a new one

Make sure to get your game out first!

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I've asked to send it back for a refund. I bought a 12 month card at the same time and managed to redeem that before it went kaput, will I be able to use that on a different machine? I set up a new gamertag.

I put refund for both items, as I thought it was locked to that box, but perhaps I can still use it on my old box?
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if you mean 12 month xbox live then yea, just sign in to the gamertag you redeemed it on on any xbox and it will still be there, its associated tot he account not to the actual xbox it was redeemed on

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Ok, better e-mail Amazon to 'un' request a refund for that. Although I got it cheap as part of an offer. Could get confusing
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