Xbox 360 slim trade-in?

    Currently have the old 360 (the first of the built in HDMI consoles) - wouldn't mind trading in for the slim. what are the best deals at the moment?

    Couldn't see anything on Gamestation or Game website and HMV was down when I last tried 10 mins ago.

    I assume my machine will need to boxed with all original accessories, right? If I trade in, look for a post advertising a HD-DVD drive with a shed load of HD DVDs for sale!


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    i just traded my 60g premium in against a 250g slim at game u only need the all the leads the hard drive and a wireless controller, that got me the grand some of wait for it 65 quid although the laught is on them cos the tray keeps sticking btw the new slim 360s is awesome its silent
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