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Found 2nd Mar 2007
I am looking for the official xbox 360 force feedback wheel..Anybody know the cheapest way to get one... have tried ebay but competition is fierce and delivery is high..somebody help me?
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Funny you should mention this but I've been looking at these for the last few days. The ones on ebay are having a laugh £82 plus £15 postage when you can buy it from Amazon for £80. I've tried quite a few sites. The cheapest option I've found is HMV for £80 with £5 off using the voucher (£5 off if you spend £35) this brings it to £75 and if you go through quidco you get 5% back which brings it to just under £72 - still pricey.

The cheapest way I think you can get one is to get a Virgin credit card. When you buy something with the card you get a £20 voucher a few weeks later. If you use the voucher this brings the cost from £85 to £65. You get 10% off stuff online if you buy with your virgin cc so this brings it to £58.50. If you go through quidco you should also get an additional 3% back (I think) which brings it to around £57.
i have a non-official steering wheel which i have used for a total of about 1 hour. Retails at £40 but can sell it to you for £25 + £5 p&p (or you can collect from Hammersmith, London) if you want it
gari189, thanks for the good info...rep added

markwills, thanks for the offer but I have my heart set on the force feedback version.

Anybody have any info about whether there will be a Forza 2 with steering wheel bundle available in May for release?
I wouldn't be surprised if the do a Forza Bundle, my force feedback wheel hasn't been used much since I got it.

I rate it highly, just need a top notch game to go with it. So I'm waiting for Forza too.

I got mine from HMV with the £5 off and also went through Quidco, still expensive.
I did see a deal on Ebay the day I posted the original question which was an xbox 360 premium, a couple of games,,,,,,, 2 wireless controller and the microsoft steering wheel for a buy it now of £199.00... I wish I had gone for it now and then traded the 360 in to game for £180.00!!...steering wheel for £19.00 damn I'm dumb!
Got a wheel off Ebay....

£50.00 plus postage...seems like a good deal.. Not new but apparently mint condition and only used a few times....Will see what it's like when it arrives...
I bought a cheap madcatz wheel for my 5 year old off ebay. The wheels do take a bit of getting used to so don't expect instant Schumaker performance!!! I saw one reviewer who said it took them 5 days of use before they could beat their previous lap times. I suspect many people buy a wheel don't find it easy as they thought it would be and sell it. I'd be interested to know what you think about the wireless wheel.

The MS wireless wheels seem to be around £65 (including postage) second hand on ebay. As its likely that when Forza 2 is released a Forza2/wheel bundle will be launched I think I'll maybe wait till then especially if I can get a new one from HMV or Virgin for around £70 or less
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