xbox 360 steering wheels retrofit/recall

    hi, i swear there was thread about the official wheels needing a retrofit but i cannot find it if someone else can maybe could you merge threads??

    but anyway a while back it was announced that the wireless wheels needed a new power adapter or pack as they were heating up. and you send off a letter to microsoft which you print out from their site and then they send you a new one.
    i did his months ago when it was first announced but haven't yet received anything, i believe they have received my letter as my wheel doesnt work from the mains since i tried to use it on xbox live is this possile or am i being silly? as they do know my console and wheel serial numbers.
    but i am thinking of selling my wheel as it doesnt get used enough but i dont want to sell it without it.

    any comments from people in a similar situation or people who have received a retrofit already thanks


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    Think ]this might be the thread?

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    thats it! thank you

    No problem

    I sent off for the retro-fit thing too, but had nothing either.

    It's a way of covering themselves if your house burns down, by sending in the form, you acknowledge that you have eben warned not to use it from the mains adaptor. So if you decide to carry on as I have it's on your own head.
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