Found 13th Jan 2008
Would I get banned from live if I used a *proper* game on a flashed 360 ?



I am not 100% sure but i dont think you would


I'm fairly certain that you would. Its not the game it checks, but the system firmware.

Firmware modification while accessing XBOX Live will result in a ban.

No you wouldnt, as the game you are using its not a copy!

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No you wouldnt, as the game you are using its not a copy!

I thought microsoft detect the game too...

yh, but whens it a copy, it realises with a sec thats its orginal, but when u hav de actual game, it takes longer fo it to notice it.

I thought it was something to do with the speed of the disk spinning or something?!?

Say for example you put a copy of halo 3 in your 360 boot it up your fine,

until you going to on live and when you access "matchmaking" where with the new dashboad update will detect your using a backed up disc and play over live with and within half an hour your console will be banned from using live ever again........

Stealth is not stealth anymore

(hope this all makes sense)

nah it dont matter if its original. Still check the 360 like when doin firmware updates etc or game updates.

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the only game I want to play on live is GRAW 1
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