Xbox 360 Super Elite, buy now or wait??

Found 19th Dec 2009
Hi folks, I've got a question for ya all.

I'm looking for an Xbox 360 Super Elite Pack (Forza pack)
I want the 250gb hard drive so not interested in any other elite deal.

I can find it for about £229 delivered, the trouble is I can't decide to buy it now or to wait after xmas for a price drop or sale.

I'm not really that bothered about having it before xmas however I dont want miss out on the current deal.

What would you guys do?
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i got the mw2 super elite when it came out, seems like a better buy than the forza 3 package but if you're not a cod fan then seems little point. can't really go wrong for £229 delivered, especially since you get the game, 2 controllers, larger hdd and a new console, if you already have a console you could just sell the new one and keep the drive.

as for the price, i can't see it coming down much cheaper than the £229 you have found it for and they say they wont be selling the 250gb drive on it's own.

Would you like it for £216.50?

OPWould you like it for £216.50?

How do i get it to that?

How do i get it to that?

Pick up this from ebay 230413520511

Then go here…ITE

But dont forget the 3% from [url][/url]

Total price £216.25 and £209.87 after the cashback.... happy days
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