Xbox 360 switch

Im sure ive read somewhere that you can get a switch installed on the back of your 360. You slide it along to play backups and then slide it back to play xbox live?

Is this true?
How much would it cost me?
Worth it?

Also, what other types of custom xbox is there - looking for 1 where i can play backups and also play xbox live without getting banned.



If you want to play backed-up games online, you have to hack your xbox by getting it flashed, I haven't heard of any other way of doing it. Never heard of a 'switch' before. Hope this helps

If you want to play on Live via a modded console you'll need to flash with stealth firmware and use stealthed isos - and you do so at your own risk. There's guarantee you won't be banned a week down the line, a month, a year - MS are very clever at detecting the differing values (such as spin times with DVDRs as opposed to originals) of backups. This is why stealth firmware was created.

There was a switched chip on the original xbox, is this what you are thinking of?

If you are using an actual chip it's possible, you just put the switch on the power line of the modchip.

i think blaster360 from team executer does what you are looking for.... but they have quit the modchip game (don't blame them!)

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How much would the stealth firmware cost?

its the software/games that is stealthed mate

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ahhh righto


where can i getmy xbox360 flashed?


ahhh righto :)hahwhere can i getmy xbox360 flashed?

i think people on here would probs offer.. there are people who know what they are doing to advise. all above board... lol

so an extra bump, for people to see


ahhh righto :)hahwhere can i getmy xbox360 flashed?

Where do you live?

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Durham area
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