xbox 360 that is rrod is it worth selling?

    my sons xbox 360 thats modded has now rrod, as far as we know it not banned from live, we have bought him a new one, it has over 70+ games that are copies but very good with the a picture on some of the discs and on the boxes.
    leads included.
    is it worth fixing or just sell it on now for someone to fix it?
    what is it worth?
    it has a very smart case and facial plate on it as well


    Someone will probably buy it off you if you list it on your local Gumtree. Alternatively you could sell the console on here or ebay (but you can't include the games). People buy them for spare parts or to try and repair themselves so it's definitely worth something.
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    thanks games no use to us, what would be a sensible price for it?

    illegal to sell the backup game

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    ok ta they will go with the machine, but wont list with them i think.
    what a good price for machine?

    Depends on the error message / number of red lights. Different lights = different problem. Some problems are easier to fix than others so an Xbox which has a fatal problem (3 red lights?) would be worth less than one with an easy to fix problem..

    I'd say £30 tops? Have a look on ebay completed listings and see what similar ones have gone for.
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