Found 12th Jul 2008
can anyone tell me if there is a way to play my xbox360 on my pc so that i have sound and video come through my monitor.

thanks in advance rep given.


What connections does your monitor have?

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my monitor connects to my pc using vga cable

Does it Have DVI or any others?

If not, i think this would work:-…ter

You would need the VGA cable for the xbox.

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great thanks for your help. so will this allow for my sound to go through aswell from my pc speakers. i just bought one from ebay like £3 not bad free postage


Does it Have DVI or any others?If not, i think this would work:- … Does it Have DVI or any others?If not, i think this would work:- would need the VGA cable for the xbox.

ooo thats to connect 2 monitors to 1 computer, the OP wants the opposite
not sure if that would be ok as connecting two voltages simultaneously may damage the monitor.
Use a vga switch box if trying that approach, don't try and do it cheap,
just because things connect doesn't mean they will work!


The cable you need is this one…041

thats the official xbox cable, there is also some aftermarket cables made buy different people that are slightly cheaper, i use the official xbox cable & it works perfectly

Hope this helps


try this…spx u have to be wifi i use it to watch films and stuff:whistling:

Always go official and yes the speakers will work fine etc

Plug the speakers and monitors into the xbox, you don't really want to connect it to the rest of the PC.

Get something like this.
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