Xbox 360 tranfer/sticker sets?

    Can you actually buy ready made transfer/sticker sets for the xbox 360?

    I saw a video on youtube, Comparing the graphics of the PS3 and Xbox 360 and It featured this pic :…png

    I haven't seen them in the shops, Do people just make their own or can you actually buy them ready made?


    Yes...........have a look on eBay sulky :-D :thumbsup:

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    Would this invalidate the warranty if its not a licensed product?

    No, because they come off easily enough

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    No, because they come off easily enough

    Ah right, So its like Fablon (sp?) for glass, although easier to come off?

    Cheers, Congrats on the 5000 also

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    They are quite pricey but like these ones on ebay :
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