Xbox 360 transfer cable?

    I'm just wondering, If i transfer my content from my 120gb to my 250gb xbox hard drive will everything transfer?

    any chance anything will be lost? is game content, arcade games?


    You have to have a transfer kit, to transfer games etc.. from one console to another. the licence for any downloaded games will be sitting on the older machine, and won't transfer across to the newer machine

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    yes but will all the DLC transfer across aswell?


    yes but will all the DLC transfer across aswell?

    yeah but you might not be able to play all .

    Some like sonic will say trial and achievements are not possible and you need to have xbox live to be able to use this content.

    You will need to run the drm tool m$ have to fix this and others you can only do this once a year ....might be twice, my memory is getting bad:lol…rm/…htm

    edit it is once per year which sucks for me as i want to up to 250 but have already upped 1 120 to another
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