Found 2nd Dec 2009
Hi, my xbox 360 keeps freezing. But only when i start a game eg: fifa match.

I can play videos and music and everything else. Any suggestions?

Cheers, Sean


videos and everything else do not stress or put the 360 under load as much as a game..

It's near rrod/e74...


It's about to die i'm afraid.

Towel Trick = Free repair.

Original Poster Banned


Towel Trick = Free repair.

Lol i heard that does more damage!

So you think its gonna break then?



Lol i heard that does more damage!So you think its gonna break then?

It's an xbox - of course it's going to break

have you tried installing the game onto the hard drive incase its just a faulty disc

ppl have paid for the xbox to have it for 3 years only ( thats when the warranty runs out on rrod) , you might get lucky and get a few months extra.
I'm on my second repair within warranty and then in the bin, what a rip off :x
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