Xbox 360 troubles

    Hi HUKD !,

    Well, the inevitable happened again. My xbox 360 succumbed to the 3RROD for the second time.

    Its an old core system (and by old I mean manufactured in october of 05) and was repaired about 6 months ago by microsoft. The 3 year extended warranty is about to run out within the next few months so once this has been repaired then that's it (i'm not paying £90 or whatever to get it fixed so that it can break again !).

    So I am now considering investing in one of the new Arcade consoles with the falcon chipset and HDMI output.

    What I would like to know is if the falcon chipset has actually improved reliability in any noticable way ?. I have checked forums to find mixed messages about this (some say yes, others say no). Basically, my options are to get this one fixed, then sell and buy the Arcade, or get this one fixed, then if I get the 3RROD out of warranty then use one of the DIY fixes on the net.

    If the new consoles with the falcon chipset have solved the majority of 3RROD issues then I would be happy to pay out the extra not to deal with it again. But if the same problems are cropping up then there's not much point in paying the extra just to go from 720 to 1080 resolution.

    So basically, can anyone either recommend or condemn the new falcon chipset with regards to the 3RROD problems which have plagued the console thus far ?

    Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated

    All the best

    Magic Dave


    I am not 100% sure, but if this is a recurring fault that starts within the warranty period then it should still be covered even outside of the warranty.

    If they are re-pairing it and then the same fault happens again, then it is a manufacturing defect and still needs to be rectified by MS.

    I would check CAB or someone though as I am not 100%

    Buy an Arcade and get the other fixed by microsoft then sell the old one on ebay when it's returned to lessen the outlay of buying the new console.

    I got an Arcade for the same reason but had the DVD drive die on me within a week so it's not always chip problems. :oops: If you do get an Arcade then i'd recommend getting it from somewhere that does a no questions asked 12 months return on faults (my local grainger games does this and I think Game and Gamestation may too).

    Original Poster

    Just to clarify,
    MS extended their original 1 year manufacturer's warranty to 3 years for this problem. My console is still within the warranty and will be repaired by MS.

    My problem is what to do "after" this one has been repaired. I am considering buying a new console but will only do so if the known faults have been rectified and reliability has dramatically improved with the introduction of the new chipset.

    if they send you a replacement im pretty sure that the 3 year warranty begins again
    I have sent 2 back 3 times each now and even had a refund from microsoft for paying for the first 1 to be fixed many moons ago. Not sure its something you need to worry about to be honest.

    Falcon has less chance of it getting the RROD, it can still happen, but less chance of it happening

    Don't you get a 'free' gift on the third return, I heard some people a while back getting a choice of games.
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