Xbox 360 Ultimate Mega Drive collection. Quesiton?

    Is there any way of combining sonic and knuckles with the other sonic games?


    Nope, there is if you get them individually from xbox live though.

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    According to Ethan Einhorn, the producer for the collection, the three "lock-on" games (Knuckles in Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, and "Blue Sphere") were not included citing "tight development times", and that including them would have meant "dropping several titles from the collection altogether", specifically the aforementioned nine unlockable games since "they all required unique emulation solutions".[4]

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    Glad I didn't get rid of my other sonic ps2 one where you can.

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    Find the controls dead flunky as well for the 360.

    But they can get them to work on a small xbox live download? I'd say he's talking a load of crap. I bet the disc wasnt even half full.
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