xbox 360 universal remote

    can anyone help me ...
    i have bought an xbox 360 universal remote ...
    have done what it says to do .it syncs with the tv ie volume change channel etc , but dosnt work any of the xbox controls ie eject disc and none of the y x a b buttons sync ...any ideas as this is doing both my son and my head in ... ???????
    appreciate some feedback guys ...or girls ..




    Try pressing the OK button. If it doesn't light up, hit the TV button once. That should set it to Xbox mode. When you press the OK button and all the buttons light up, then it should be able to use any Xbox 360 it's pointed at since it uses the infrared sensor on the Xbox and not RF. Since it doesn't use RF, there is no 'syncing'. Just make sure the sensor next to the memory ports on the Xbox isn't covered.

    If it doesn't work, then there is a hardware problem with your 360 and it's time to call 1-800-4MY-XBOX. Good luck.

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    have tried that and remote lights up but still no joy...
    is there any way of checking infra red sensor ?? :-(

    cheers again

    if you go into your xbox console settings there is 2 settings for the remote, try switching between them see if that helps

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    ok will try that and let u no ....

    cheers .........

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    still no joy any ideas ???????
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