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Found 9th Oct 2010
Is it true that you can use usb sticks as extra memory for your 360, I have the old 360 with the 20gb and it's nearly full don't really want to buy a new one till this one breaks and someone posted a deal for a 16gb stick for £14 which would be ideal if you can do this??
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Yes you can. I think you are limited to 4GB memory on the stick though if I recall? Could be wrong though.
it is 16Gb for the USB stick and I think it's limited to save games and music/videos etc. You can't install games to it and it will format it to the Xbox's filesystem so can't be read by a PC
Yes one of the later dashboard updates supports memory sticks, I think it's limited to 16Gb though.
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What about download content can you save that onto the usb(map packs/songs for Lips and arcade games) thats whats taking up all the space on my HDD, I suppose i could always tranfer my saves onto the stick to clear alittle space, Cheers guys.
The FAQ's do say that downloadable content can be saved to it. Also it must be a minimum of 1Gb and even if you use a 32Gb one, you can only reserve up to 16Gb (it can be anything from 1Gb to 16Gb )to use on the 360.
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You can reserve how much space to use for the 360 system 16gb being max for one usb (port) (32gb upmost max) 2 ports(it gives you an option to do this) you can also install games to it exactly the same way as installing to internal HDD (eg you need disc in tray to start)
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