xbox 360 using vga cable but my screen hasnt got speakers what can i do?

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Found 16th Nov 2007
as above my screen doesnt have speakers so what can i do please? can i use the headset and make the sound come out of that by any chance?

Thanks in advance



can i use the headset and make the sound come out of that by any chance?

No headset is for voice only,

Are you using a pc monitor?

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yh? phlips 190s

your gonna have to huck up some external speakers,

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any guess if i can get some cheap ones pref a tenner or under anyones dont matter.

i have pc speakers but they use the headphone stereo jack and they are decent harman kardon speakers. do you know whether i can use them xbox.

It is a headphone (3.5mm) input? If so you can use them, you just need to pick up a connector from the likes Maplin that converts the two phono plugs to a single 3.5mm jack. If the speakers are hardwired with the 3.5mm jack already then it's going to be a little more tricky.

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yeh standard 3.5mm so i get that adapter and it changes it basically.

i have a micro system kenwood one could be able to connect those speakers probably ill check them

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whipeee it says aux in red and white input thing.

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