Xbox 360 + VGA Question

Hey guys - looking for some help.

I've got a 360 hooked up to my monitor via VGA.
My audio comes through a 2.1 setup.

I'm looking at getting the X1 headset ( to use with my 360.

Only worry is how the audio is going to come through the 360 to the headset - that's hopefully where you'll all come in with great advice...


Here you go mate:

It's very easy, my brother has one. The wires are a bit messy but the audio comes through the chat bit as shown above ^

It comes with instructions as well :P

"The Ear Force X1 is quick to set up, so no mucking about there, whack the USB into the back of the console to power the headset, a splitter cable goes into the scart block of the component cable then the corresponding cable goes into them, so if you want to keep the sound pumping out of the TV too you can!" fromthe game website
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