XBOX 360 Virgin!!! Help!

All, I have managed to bag myself an XBOX 360 arcade for cheapy cheapy cheap! Never had one before so was just curious regarding the following...

Arcade obviously only comes with a small memory card - will this affect Live play and is it advisable to buy an additional hard drive? I think I read a while ago about something that Microsoft do direct with reagrds to an upgrade...?
Im only going to use this mainly for online gaming, nothing else really....

Any other advice would be greatly received....




yes you will need a hard drive..
Xbox are doing a online program thing whee u can input ur serial code and you will be able to purchse a 20gig HDD for £20 i belive..

not sure of the link tho.. maybe some1 can post it?…_US

Change the country part at the top of the page to uk and you will be able to order a cheapy 20gb hdd..

you don't *need* a hard drive, but for the sake of £20 I'd certainly recommend getting one, to give you the option to download demos, movies etc...


Werent they doing them for £12.99 the other week?

OP u defo nedd HDD for live

for 13 months XBL Gold Subscription Jasper is the cheapest I believe


Haha i could have done that i suppose but there's no point doing all the Op's work for them :-D

A Hdd is totally essential for online play as you can't download maps, weapons, cars etc unless you have decent storage..

Get Online.
Load COD4.
Forget about everything else...... :thumbsup:


for 13 months XBL Gold Subscription Jasper is the cheapest I believe

if your going to buy from jasper i recommend NOT using a hotmail email.
as for some reason his email get blocked.

Original Poster

wohoo!! ive been scowering for this link all day! good work!

No worries, have fun on live its great fun! ..still waitin on my delivery of cod 5 though.. :viking:
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