Xbox 360 v's Xbox 360 core

Found 26th Nov 2007
there are loads of posts about Xbox 360 and i just don't get it, what difference is there between the different packages, say i was looking for a replaacement for a PS2 - just to play games on , not to be connected online or anything, would the core be fine or does it miss out on things,

very blonde so please can any reply's be basic, don't know nothing about hard drive numbers and such

thank you so much
xx fizzie xx
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If you don't want to download demos or anything like that the Arcade will do, don't think they sell the core anymore?
Arcade that's new to me, what is that one?
It's the new core, comes with a 256MB Memory card
thanks you,

p.s does anyone know how to find you IP address for the net? lol hijacking my own thread now lol x
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Xbox Core:

Xbox premium:
Wireless joypad
20gb Harddrive

Xbox Arcarde:
256 Memory card
5 arcade games

Xbox Elite
Wireless joypad
120gb Harddrive
I bought the core in 2006 for £179.99 from as i couldnt afford the premium at £280

So i bought a hard drive sep off ebay for £35 and thats all i needed

I now have a wireless controller but the premium was too costy for me at that time

But now the core is like £180 and the premium is like £200 so got more choice now
thanks for all of your help guys xxx will rep all xx

Xbox Core:ConsoleJoypadXbox premium:ConsoleWireless joypad20gb … Xbox Core:ConsoleJoypadXbox premium:ConsoleWireless joypad20gb HarddriveXbox Arcarde:ConsoleJoypad256 Memory card5 arcade gamesXbox EliteConsoleWireless joypad120gb HarddriveHDMI

Actually the "arcade" now also has wireless pads and all new stock (once old stock has cleared) wil have HDMI ports across all models.

Although core/arcade can be had for £200 - you can get good deals on the premium e.g. +2 games for £250.
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