XBOX 360 wanted

    Hi everyone

    right, im not going to make the £300 i need for the GTA release so, reluctantly ive decided to see if they are any good cheap 360s about. Ive looked on some price comparison sites and got around £170 to £200 ive checked ebay but i don't know if i need a core or that other one. I have no idea. And would it be better to save now and they might be cheaper upon release? packages etc?

    any help would be great

    thanks in advance,TJ


    Hi TJ

    From what i have read upon the release of GTA prices of the Xbox and PS3 are going down in price possibly by £50

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    oh rite, well at least thts a start

    cheers bigfoot;)

    Hi TJ

    Due to selling these the main difference is the CORE is very basic comes with wired controller and no hard drive, where yes the PRO VERSION is alittle bit more but you get alot more for your money the PRO is the replacemnt of the PREMIUM this consist of wireless controller and 20gb hard drive, headset etc for online play, then you have the ARCADE VERSION this comes with the advantge of a wireless controller and a memory card and 5 arcade games including the classic pack man and then the big boy the ELITE this comes with the same as the PRO but is black and comes with a 120gb hard drive but again cost alittle more, with everything you get what you pay for.

    Ebay is a ok place to buy one cheap but make sure you do your home work on the seller as if there not confirmed it could be costly for you as if they run with the money and that seller is only cover for £150 you could lose out as we are covered on ebay for £500 so everything buyer is cover.

    We regards to a price drop in consoles this is not true, we speak to our wholesaler daily and there is no price drop to date neither sceduled for april on the release of GTA 4, microsoft release the ARCADE for the people that didn't want to payout for the PREMIUM and ELITE so everyone gets to enjoy the 360 what ever there budget.

    Also sony released the 40gb version for the same reason as the 60gb was at a high price !!

    I hope this has been of some help to you.



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    thats great of u, thanks very much

    i think im just going to keep looking on ebay, maybe get lucky


    maybe take a look at this one on ebay

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