xbox 360 warranty help!

    My xbox 360 wireless controlled seems to be faulty. the left analoge stick does not click down properly.
    Has anyone sent off for a replacement before... on the xbox site i can only see the option to request a console repair/replace.

    Any info appreciated.


    If its within 12 months and bought from a high st store such as gamestation you would do just as well taking it back to them for a replacement.

    If dealing with Microsoft, expect terrible communication in ringing them, they are dreadful, speak slow, repeat yourself several times until it sinks in with them what you want and once you get a reference number breathe easy!

    M$ always replace controllers for free, just ring them, yet to hear anybody have a request turned down. They will often send it out before you even return it too.

    Just don't abuse the system and ask for loads, this is when M$ stops doing things like this.

    And please people, if it ain't broke don't cry wolf to M$ to get an extra one, this is for those misfortunate enough to have had one break not those to tight to buy and extra one in the first place. There are plenty of these stories online, the reason I mention it.

    Original Poster

    cheers for the info guys,

    ring MS up, its great fun listening to the asians try and repeat what you say and get it completly wrong. Took me about 30 mins just to get to talk to someone wen my headset broke, but no problems they just send you a new one! She also sed that i only had 3 more oppurtunites to replace faulty goods before they stop which i thought was a bit sinister.

    it took me 1 whole hour to explain i was lagging in games and the wireless adapter is broken. After all of the talking she just said "your internet connection is unstable contact your ISP, bye"
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