xbox 360 warranty help please

    my lads birthday and he is after a xbox 360,in game they will sell me the 60gb version with fifa 09 for £169
    As im running out of time it looks like i will get it there,what warranty comes with an xbox?
    As game say they will sell me a warranty on top if i want it at £22 (if i remember rightly),is it worth taking it out?


    1 year for any problem, but 3 years for red ring of death

    Is that for a one year extension? It's pretty cheap to be honest at £22 and it covers stuff not covered by the 3 year microsoft one, if you can afford to put the cash on top i'd say go for it, as there are other well documented faults with the xbox that occur after 18 months or so use that aren't covered by the 'ring of death' warranty.. (Such as the video fault)

    i hear the ring off death is covered for 5 years. never heard of the other fault. worth paying the extra for peace of mind though. but i would guess that they give you a recon model rather than a new one if youres goes wrong. i may be wrong though

    ^ It's 3 years warranty for ROD, I've got one coming back from Microsoft repair centre due to be delivered today..!!!

    You shouldn't be conned into buying extended warranties - Under the Sale of Goods act, the shop/store has a responsibility to ensure the goods are fit for purpose. This includes a reasonable life expectancy of up to 6 years (5 years in Scotland).

    Don't buy the extended warrenty. The xbox 360 is prety solid for everything but the red reing of death problem.

    My xbox 360 lasted for 2 years before getting the red rings of death, and I use it heavily. The red ring of Death is covered by Microsofts extended warrenty. When I got mine fixed they had found a proper solution to the problem and so I wouldn't expect any further issues from mine.

    Tony T Money;3356815

    Don't buy the extended warrenty. The xbox 360 is prety solid for … Don't buy the extended warrenty. The xbox 360 is prety solid for everything but the red reing of death problem.

    Agree about not buying the warranty, but regarding Xbox360 reliability, I'm on my 5th :whistling:

    1 Failed DVD drive
    1 Failed GPU
    2 RROD

    The RROD issues are suppose to have been ironed out with the latest revisions of the Xbox360, the other parts are as reliable as any other piece of electronic kit you may buy.

    Original Poster

    thanks all,they told me that if my lad dropped the conroller and broke it etc they would replace no quibbles if taken back to them

    Don't think for a second you can use the sale and supply of goods act to protect you for anything like 6 years, you will have a very hard time trying to use it to get a replacement console for anything over 12 months, you may be able to force a retailer to get a console repaired using the act if its over this length of time, but plenty of legal issue sites tell you not to rely on this as 'reasonable' time is not a firm legal statement of time.

    For £22 the extended warranty is good as it even covers accidental damage, and as for the xbox being reliable it is FAR from it. I too have had several consoles fail for a variety of reasons including the dvd drive and the gpu out connection completely failing on my 18month old elite causing no image to be displayed on the screen. Sound works though.. and because no rrod Microsoft won't touch it for less than £90!

    All very valid and excellent replies here and I agree with them.

    I had my first xbox for 13 months (lucky white heather eh!) then it died on me, faulty drive plus no image just sound. I just bought a new package and sold the other accessories and my faulty 360. Net cost to replace the 360 unit was around £60 for a brand new model with HDMI and I've had that going on 7 months now and not even a whisper out of it, and it gets used at least 10 hours a day.

    IMO, the reality is that yes there is legislation in place to protect consumers but getting any resolvement on this is not short in terms of timescale, and can also be costly to the consumer in terms of phone calls, having to meet with say Citizens Advice or solicitor, posting evidence or letters or complaints etc. The time and effort for the amounts is really not worth the hassle.

    Extended warranties can be a good thing but dont take what they say verbatim, always read the small print on the warranty first.

    To be fair the Microsoft Warranty on the 360 is pretty fair I think, 1 year for non-red ring faults and 3 years for red ring faults and they pay for the pick up and delivery of the box. My mate had to send his back twice, took a around 2 weeks each time and on the second time they gave him a brand new board and its worked fine since then and at no additional cost.

    Original Poster

    thanks all,im gonna buy the warranty too as no doubt he will fall over it or something daft and knowing i can pop in the shop and get it replaced sounds to me as if its worth £22!
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