Xbox 360 Warranty Sticker

    Wanting to trade in my 360 which in the past has had the RROD. Theres no Warranty sticker under the faceplate though, will GAME and other shops refuse to buy it?


    Just tell them that its been to Microsoft . Because they don't put stickers back on. I sent two back and stickers was gone Wen they came back

    Game and Gamestation might not, although worth a try as depends on the person that serves you really as they might not check. I'm sure if worst comes to worst you could always take it to cash converters or something else of that ilk. Or you could always purchase some repacement stickers from fleabay?
    Hope this helps.

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    Just rung 'em they said they wouldnt take it without the warranty sticker. The back of the casing has a few dings and cracks aswell from when it was repaired...

    i traded in a 360 elite a while back that was flashed etc.
    gamestation only checked if it read disks and that it was working

    i was quite chatty to the salesperson though and mines was boxed.

    just your luck though
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