xbox 360 weekend deals

    Anyone know of any?


    yeah, is there any?

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    If you're talking about buying an xbox 360 premium console, there's loads mentioned in the forums and can easily be found if you look.

    Some of the best offers around is the premium console, gears of war, pro evo 6, GRAW 2 and crackdown for just £299.99 from Blockbuster on the highstreet.

    Another great package is from choicesuk, who offer the same package as above minus, pro evo 6 and GRAW 2 but they'll also include PGR 3, live arcade and an extra wireless controller for the same price, plus you'll receive £15 cashback if you go through Quidco.

    If you're looking for a core package, then Argos are offering the core package plus pro evo 6, fusion frenzy 2, viva pinata and a memory card for £200.

    I hope that helps.

    Thier is one at for £333 which consists of the following

    premium 360 console
    HD DVD drive
    Gears of war

    + 2% cahsback via quidco
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