XBOX 360 wireless

    Do you have to buy the official XBOX network adaptor to be able to connect the xbox 360 wirelesly? Theres some other adaptors advertised on ebay that suggest they do the same thing and theres also a guy selling an information pack on how to do it without any aditional hardware. Any one know if these are just cons or do they really work?


    IS your XBOX close to your laptop/PC? I run an ethernet cable from my wireless PC, (my router is upstairs cos of BT Vision), and it works fine beats paying £50ish for a adapter

    The only two ways I know of connecting an Xbox wirelessly are the official adapter into the 360 via USB and another wireless router (or similar) connected thru the ethernet port.

    The second option basically bridges the wireless connection between the two routers and makes your 360 think it's connected straight into the main router with ethernet (no wireless key).

    I use the official wireless adapter and find it works well, you can get it a bit cheaper from somewhere like playasia as peripherals don't have region protection.
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