Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter

Found 17th Jan 2007
Could you please tell me where the cheapest place I can get the Xbox 360 Wireless adapter from.

Also if you can find any cheap wireless ethernet bridges or gaming adapters please post them here.

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phone great universal and register with them becasue they have it for £29.99 just phoned about 10 minutes ago...also if you are a new customer you get 20% off so its £24 which is a baragin!!!:thumbsup:
If your Broadband is due for renewal, you can move to BT and get a free XBox wireless adaptor, more ]here
PM me if you want one thru Great universal!
May get an extra £20 off, worth a try
Cant see it on their site anymore!
For less than a tenner i got a 10m patch cable and run it under the carpet - no sign of cable, more reliable than wireless, and a lot cheaper.
cant see it on the GUS site.:-(

the cheapest i can find is roughly £45 form playasia. I'm looking for one of these too.............has anyone seen it cheaper?
sko1984 I am afraid that my 360 is too far from my wireless router and I would need a cable a lot longer than 10m which simply would be too troublesome which is why I would prefer wireless.

Also JdX360 I can not find the wireless adapter on the website. Are you sure that I would be able to get it for £24-£29 if I phone them?
the cheapest way to go wireless on 360 is to buy a cheap wifi access point on eBay, set it to client mode, connect the AP to the 360 via ethernet, this is what I am doing and works a treat.
So burns any brand AP will work?
360 points.....i phoned them yesterday and they said that it was £29.99...thats what the lady on the phone said.:)
Thanks JdX360!!
I bought a 15m cat6e cable for just over £2 and it's faster than any wireless device available and doesn't suffer the issues of cold spots or lag.
I am afraid that I will have to go with the wireless route as my 360 is upstairs and my wireless router is all the way downstairs.

Blanco, are you sure that ethernet cables that long will work as I have heard anything over 5m does not work.
Does anyone know the answer to my question?

Will any brand Access Point work with my 360 as a wireless adapter?

Please reply if you have the answer as I am desperate.
Please can any one answer my question.

Please can any one answer my question.

You can get specific gaming bridges but I'm not techie so don't know if any access point will do. Probably the best thing to do is find a bridge or access point you are thinking of buying and just do a google search mentioning the model and Xbox live.
If you look at some of the computer equipment websites some as Ebuyer some of the customer reviewers may mention using the eqpt with Xbox live. I use Xbox with a Safecom wireless router I got from Ebuyer with the MS adapter bought from catalogue. Main reason I went with the MS adapter is it is neat, no extra power and it was only a couple of pounds more that a gaming bridge.
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