xbox 360 wireless controller


    I really want a wireless controller for my xbox 360 (had enough of those darn wires :x ). The best deal I can find is £27.99 at PCworld. Anyone come across anything better?

    Thanks in advance for any help



    Hi Lilstrum,
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    Have you considered a second hand controller? you may be able to get one much cheap from other HUKD members.

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    Thanks for the welcome,
    yea I have considered a secondhand controller - have been keeping an eye on ebay but they seem to be going for quite a lot at the moment, so unless anyone has got one for sale it looks like its going to have to be a new one.

    What about going for one from ][COLOR=blue]Additions Direct[/COLOR]- if you check the voucher section, you should be able to get £10 off and free postage on the £33 controller...making it about £23 I reckon.

    EDIT - just noticed a 4 week wait on that one... that's a bit long

    have you had any issues with your 360 ?

    Tech support sent me one FOC to compensate for all my troubles (3 diff 360s)
    Id only bought one a couple of weeks earlier...go figure
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