XBox 360 Wireless Controller Issue

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Found 12th Jan 2011
I'm an occasional gamer but have been playing a bit more regularly (trial XBox Live sub) for the last month or so.

Current game of choice is CoD4.

Whilst playing, I've noticed that my wireless controller:

1) Seems to occasionally freeze.
When I have an enemy in my sights and pull the 'trigger' nothing happens and I invariably get killed.

2) Running within the game seems to be a hit and miss affair.
Sometimes it works perfectly but more often than not it is either in short bursts or not at all.

Now, it's quite possible it is my crap gaming skills but my initial thoughts are that the controller is on its way out.

If so, bit of a worry as it's in good condition and hasn't been abused in any way.

Do these controller 'wear-out' over time?


Your controller with have electrical contacts in that activate a specific function when the button is pressed and the contacts "come together". Obviously these contacts can wear out over time, they erode like everything does

In short... Get a new controller
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OP, sorry in regards to the running, you do realise you can't run full sprint in the game continuously, lol. (your character gets worn out)

Original Poster

Thanks for the replies.

Yes, did think the electrical contacts could get worn out but didn't realise it would be so soon.

With regards running, again did think it was due to player tiredness but the game seemed to pick and choose when to so it which made me question it. lol.

Thinking about the controller, am a bit **** off about this as it really hasn't had much use and definitely no abuse.

Anyone contacted MS regarding a replacement?

Came across thison the web and wondered if it was still valid.

In my case, it would be a genuine issue.
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