Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Syncing Problem - Help!

    Hi, I bought the kids an xbox 360 pro for christmas. We've tried it a few times, but during game play or on the opening menu, the console looses connection with the wireless controller. I press sync on the controller and then on the console, both lights will flash and go around, but it doesn't find the controller. I have changed the batteries (even though they are brand new), tried different wireless controllers (bought 2 extras). They may connect briefly but then the console says we've lost connection. When the console is turned off, the handset goes off.

    I haven't connected it to the internet yet, just trying to get it to work. The kids are really upset with me. I've tried the online support trouble shooting, but it still keeps happening.

    If it is a game only issue, why doesn't it work on the menu screen, when you go back?



    I had a problem with one of my controllers. I found the battery pack was abit loose and the smallest bump or movement made it switch off. I stuck abit of tape on the sides to keep it in place and it works fine. I think this was due to it being dropped a couple of times but if your controller is brand new then it shouldnt be that.

    Something could be interfering with the connection eg. wifi, bluetooth, radio etc. but it is unlikely.
    Is there any one in your street that has a 360 also? See if you can try your controllers on their machine and their controllers on your machine.
    Since 3 controllers will not work with your machine it's more likely to be a problem with your machine.
    Try what I suggested and if it is your machine, welcome to my world lol I have the same problem...
    I suspect the wireless receiver, for the controllers, in my machine is damaged in some way.
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