Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows no sound?

    Just brought one of these got the latest vista drivers and my 360 pads work great on the pc, the only big problem is as soon as i sync the pad up to the receiver i lose all sound on the pc.Has anybody else got around this problem


    I had the same problem on XP, It hasn't happened the last couple of times but i'd be interested to hear if anyone knows what's causing it.

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    its annoying because the pad works great other than that

    maybe an irq sharing problem on pc between soundcard and controller?

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    how would i check that mate

    To see the devices that are listed under Interrupt request in Device Manager

    1. Start Device Manager.
    2. Click View, and then click Resources by type.
    3. Expand Interrupt request.

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    high definition audio controller is in the list, has that got something to do with it?

    Its probably changing the default output for the sound to the controllers headset. Check the sound manager to see what its outputting to.

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    your right deathtrap i have changed the default back to my speakers,thanks a lot appreciated.Thanks for your help as well esq have repped you both,cheers
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