XBOX 360 Wireless network adapter (pcworld codes)

    Anyone know the cheapest place to get a XBOX 360 wireless adapter, online or i prefer in store.

    online: gamestation £40 (in store £60) , toysrus £30 but never in stock.

    other places is all £60 but this is to expensive for me lol, only 17r old! not made of money.

    the cheapest in stock place i an find pcworld £50, if you reserve and collect, if you just pop in store it is £60.

    so i would appreciate any pc world or comet or other electronic shop codes or links to other cheap places to get the adapter



    PC World you reserve online and collect in store to get the online price thats the best I could find

    Original Poster

    Same, thanks know any codes?

    I bought mine from Currys and got 5% through Quidco with reserve and collect. I also took printouts of their 110% pricematch (includes Pcworld) and got another £1 off making it £48.99 to pay and whatever you get from Quidco.
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