XBOX 360 Wireless Steering Wheel with Force Feedback (with Project Gotham Racing 3)

    Racing Wheel with force feedback edition of Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360)

    The regular price is £89.99, the cheapest price Ive seen this for is £79.99 on amazon, play & in Game station. I wondering if anybody knows if there is anywhere to get this cheaper. I dont have quidco so cant take the deductions from that into consideration with regards to the price.

    Dont mind an on-line or in store deal.

    Thanks in advance


    I got mine from HMV with the £5 off voucher, it came to £74.99 and very nice it is too.

    Why don't you have Qudico ? Very easy to sign up.

    WT8747 is the discount code for £5 off

    And as a warning, PGR3 doesn't come in a proper box, it's in a paper sleeve, cheapskates.

    And also found out tonight, you can charge your battery packs in the wheel while it's plugged into the mains, but you don't need a battery pack in if play from mains (as you always will to enable the force feedback)

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    Why don't you have Qudico ? Very easy to sign up.

    never really looked into it before, checked out their site a little while ago and a bit unsure because of the following im going to try to list

    They suggest setting up a broswer to use with quidco. I would choose to use firefox (just because ive heard of it, aint used it though). Question - can you have 2 browsers at the same time ? e.g. IE & firefox both on your computer at the same time ?

    Then theirs the cookies, I think it said you got to have them enabled and something about deleting the old cookies when re-ordering from merchants you ordered before, etc.

    Then theres the disable ad blocking, pop-ups & some parental controls that they want you to do with your internet security/broswer. Question - Can you do this on just for the firefox broswer or will it also affect IE security aswell.

    Then I need to set up a paypal account, but i think the main thing is the broswer & computer security that I sort of worried about. You ever had any problems or spam after using quidco ? I would like to sign up jus wish it seemed less risky

    Thanks for your help with all your posts.

    I have never done any of those things, and just use Firefox, which is my normal browser. And all of my transactions have always tracked so far.

    You don't need paypal anymore, they can now do BACS paymets straight to your account.

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    anybody got a better price / will that hmv voucher still work ?
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