Can anyone help,

    Please can someone answer a Question regarding the difference between Xboxes.

    Can the Xbox Elite do everything that the Ebox premium does?

    Why is the elite more expensive?

    What would say was the best Buy?

    I am novice so need help.



    Ok for starters you don't want a Premium, they are the old units that suffer badly from the rrod (]red ring of death). I'd suggest Googleing for information on it if you don't know what that means because it is must have knowledge before you even think of buying an xbox.

    So what you should actually be asking is what are the differences between the Pro (Premiums replacement, although some places confuse matters by calling them both Premium or are just trying to shift old stock) and Elite which have both had slight internal redesigns to help with the rrod problem.

    Ok, basically the differences are that the Elite has a bigger Hard drive (120Gb vs 20Gb on the Pro), the Elite is Black while the Pro is white and the Elite and Pro both have HDMI ports which the premium didn't. That's pretty much it as far as most people are concerned. To my mind the Elite is worth the extra for the extra hard disk space and the colour (iPod white = yuck, black = :thumbsup: ) but they both play all the same games etc. and not everyone would agree that it's worth the extra.

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    Thanks for you advise.
    so to put it in a nut shell the Pro or premium does nothing that the elite wont do.


    Thanks for you to put it in a nut shell the Pro or premium does … Thanks for you to put it in a nut shell the Pro or premium does nothing that the elite wont do.

    In a nutshell yes. Essentially the Elite is the Pro+, the same core functionallity but with added extras which may or may not be useful depending on your intended usage. So if you're looking at lots of online use and plenty of downloads then the extra HD space is worth it otherwise it's probably not and if you have a HDTV then the HDMI port is worth is, otherwise it's not....and so on.

    There is a slight difference in the two depending on how you want your surround sound output. The optical output is on the analogue output connector but you can't have this connected while the HDMI is in because the analogue connector is too big. With the Elite you get a little dongle so you can get optical out + HDMI at the same time but you dont get this with the HDMI Premiums. This doesn't matter if your reciever can grab audio from the HDMI though.
    Jon :thumbsup:

    PS3 v Elite- whats the best and difference?


    PS3 v Elite- whats the best and difference?

    Now that's a dangerous question.......cue fanboys jumping in spurting unsubstantiated corporate drivel :giggle:

    Joking aside....It all depends what you want to be perfectly honest.

    As things stand at the moment xbox 360 has the better games and the better online setup. However the PS3 is much better hardware and as such has a great deal of potential. Then there's the cost difference, the 360 Elite is a fair bit cheaper.

    Imho if you're buying now and want to make the most of it now then a 360, however if you're looking to the future and what might be 6-12months down the line (and/or have a back catalogue of PS2 games you want to play on a shiny new console while you wait) and like the sound of Blu-Ray then PS3 could be the better option as with the likes of Home, MGS4, Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet etc. etc. the PS3 line up will only get stronger.
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