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Posted 19th Aug
If i buy an xbox one access code for a game in USA can i redeem it on my UK xbox using a VPN and will it play OK?
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If the code is for a USA copy of the game, it would need to be redeemed on a USA account.

If you create a USA account on the Xbox and make it primary to that console. Then it should allow all users on the console to play the game. No matter which region they are signed up to.
I'm doubting myself here, cos I use our friend from Egypt to purchase most of my games now.

But I'm sure you can buy a foreign game code, and you don't have to create a new account.

I have many foreign purchases on my xbox, all under the same account
No need to make a new account, just go to the redeem page while using a VPN for the country the code is from.
Its a usa game and it says "can't be activated in the Uk"
So i was wondering if I set my location to the USA, use a VPN and download it to my xbox and then change my location back to the UK would it still work OK?
It will work fine.
I bought it.
Used a VPN in Microsoft USA i redeemed it and its working fine.
Thank you.
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