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    Hey I share my Xbox account with my son but I been seeing where you can buy accounts with new games on at cheap prices my question is do I own the game? I am really lost with it all

    Any help would be grateful thank you


    Hi there.

    I'm an Xbox Community Ambassador and can help to clear things up for you.

    As per the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, it is not permitted for users to sell or trade accounts, and those who are found doing so risk enforcement action (e.g. a suspension).

    It's also very risky as the person you buy an account for could revoke access of the games or even change the password (or claim to Microsoft that their account was hacked/stolen).

    All in all, avoid at all costs.

    I hope this helps,


    Just avoid these accounts. So much can go wrong buying them.

    they are indeterminate rentals, at some point its almost guaranteed you lose the account.

    Original Poster

    Wow i will stay clear thank you didn't realise

    I have bought a few for my son's xbox 360 and some for my PS4. I have never had any issues with them and will continue todo so at my own risk.

    one of the accounts password did change but I'm still able to play the games on the account. You must make sure the account you have purchased is set as primary. An then if the password is changed it won't effect you what so ever.

    someone is bound to nock me but hey I couldn't give a flying feck!

    in this day in age when titles are so dam expensive I feel like there's noting wrong with cutting a few corners.

    I'm just giving you my opinion, others may not of been so lucky with what they have purchased.

    Just buy the games digitally from other regions if you wish to save cash, you can get games 20-80% cheaper by doing this method.

    If you want to save even further, you can gameshare with a friend/family member, the games are then effectively half price again (guide on how to do this in misc).

    Avoid buying the accounts with the games on, you'll only come to regret it.
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