Xbox cant connect with router connection with wpa2 key code

Found 16th May 2010
I bought a wireless printer and had to set up that but when i went to play xbox live it says it cannot connect. i have tried the original wpa2 code but still cant connect with live. im at a complete loss!!! it was workin fine before the printer setup.

how can i reset it?
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Try with no security first.

In meantime make model number of modem/router/ printer etc
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Try with no security first.In meantime make model number of modem/router/ … Try with no security first.In meantime make model number of modem/router/ printer etc

router = dlink dir-615 (the free one from virgin)
printer = hp touchsmart

ive tried reinstalling the router but can only get half way before error

im so confused!!
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basically the wpa2 code and ssid name i had, no longer work. how do i reset it or find out the new codes??
The new codes will be in router . but why would there be new codes. You would have had to enter them and therefore you would already know them.

There will be a reset to deafult option once logged into router... Factory defaults etc .There will also be a tiny reset button on the back of the router you can hold in for 15 seconds to reset back to factory defaults as well.

Then switch on upnp (enable it) in router and use dhcp server in router and connect your xbox and printer that way first without any security to test router still works. on 360 set IP to AUTO and DNS to AUTO in the configure networks settings

If printer also has option to get ip AUTO use it

Do not set up port forwarding rules/ virtual servers etc or place any IP in the DMZ
If im led to believe correctly, the xbox 360 cannot handle WPA2
Was not sure what OP was using to connect to xbox from his initial wording however

From 2009 Xbox 360 System Update – Wireless Adapter WPA2 support (Whether it works though) as I don't use wireless to connect any of my 360's ..Oh wait:lol I use a linksys gaming adapter for 1 but I meant from official adapter.…spx
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If im led to believe correctly, the xbox 360 cannot handle WPA2

really? why? i had the official xbox adapter workin fine before to connect with live, i have no clue if it was wpa2 , what should it be

i have the new N router
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how do i change the current wpa2 to just wpa??
Same way you select any of the security features of the router from logging in using the panel and drop down selectors under wireless security.

However have you verified it works without any security on xbox live and the printer or just xbox live yet after resetting.

You should download a pdf of the manual or dig it out of box if you are unfamiliar with routers and flick through it. Otherwise it's going to take a very long time to sort or at least say where your at with regards to things you have now tried.
does it work if printer is off?
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does it work if printer is off?

it doesnt connect to xbl at all anymore, how can installin a new printer affect the xbl settings
the new xbox slims dont support wpa anymore you have to change security settings too wep
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