Found 26th Nov 2009
hi im just wondering what the difference is with xbox games and the xbox classics? my boys have xbox 360s for xmas and i bought a game today and it says classic on the top? are these different to the others?
rep will be added to anyone who can help thanks xx


classics have been out for a while-they are reissued as classics at a budget price-kinda like some music cds get released at reduced price after a period of time.

Same game just a different box.

about 20 quid

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oh so the games exactly the same then?? cool thansk all will rep!!

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another quick one what is the difference witha game of the year one?? lol sorry bit dumb!!

game of the year usually has all the downloadable extra stuff you have to buy seperately included with it

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thanks repped u 2 also! xx

There's no rules about what gets included in a box. Sometimes there's absolutely nothing different and it's only marketing (e.g. Left 4 Dead's Game of the Year edition on PC) and sometimes it'll include some or all of the expansion packs or smaller commercial content (often vaguely called 'DLC') released between the original release and the release of the pack.

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:thumbsup: thankyou repped you aswell x
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