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Posted 12th Nov
Hi all

just bought my son his first xbox console for his birthday at the end of this month.

Am I right in thinking that to make the best use of this offer, I should:

get 35 (have x 1 month free with the console) or do I need to get x 36 months via CD keys or whoever is doing it the cheapest at the time of looking) (think 12 months was about £35-40 from memory but wasn't really paying too much attention in all honesty) and then when I have them, convert all of them for £1 to ultimate (I assume there isn't an idiots guide somewhere on here )? Or can he use the free 1 month as a trial and then we get the x 36 months and convert them all (for a £1), or, is this a bad idea?

Therefore total spend to convert everything would be about £100?

Also, am I right in thinking that Ultimate combines both game pass and gold?

I see that Vistrix has advised to turn off the auto re-new (not a bad idea as its going to be me paying for it initially), or, should I leave it and turn it off and wait for the prompt to turn on and get x 1 month free as per ap04 (before I convert everything to ultimate)?

Sorry for all the questions, but this is the 1st time I've done this and want to get it right (and not cost myself (additional) money)

Hope I have understood everything and laid out the queries in a logical order for anyone to understand (but if not feel free to correct / point me in the right direction).
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Somebody said you can't do the 36 months anymore its 16 or something! I cant say for sure. But why not just get him 12 months and see how he gets on, come 12 months he might decide on a Playstation 5 or something!

But yeah buy the Gold membership, put the code in to redeem then pay for the £1 upgrade
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you can still do 36 months, i added a free month on the other day and the terms said up to 36 months still, so thats ok still but basically what you have said is right, thats the best way to do it
Do I definitely need the Gold membership only and not the Game Pass (to stack to x 36 months in total)?

Also, can he use the 1 x month free trial of both, before converting to Ultimate, or should he use the free month as 1 of the months?

Edited by: "ukdangerous" 12th Nov
you only need gold yeah as this converts the gold to game pass ultimate, you could use the free trial of both but then if microsoft pull the deal for converting then you may miss out?
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