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Hi *waves*

Total newbie post... I'm looking at getting an xbox for myself (kids will play occasionally).
I've seen loads of great looking deals but it's all really baffling!
Basically, I'd just like to know which console I should be looking for. I have a 4k tv but I'm not a massive gamer (obviously) so should I stick to the original xbox one or the s? Or the elite?! I have no idea!

Also, Disney infinity/lego dimensions work on all models doesn't it?

Any help (in simple terms!) would be greatly appreciated



personally id get the s,i got an elite recently due to sales ,but having just got a 4k tv i decided id be better with the s so im going to be trading in,like yourself i dont do a massive amount of gaming but when i do i want it to look the best it can .the price difference is negligible really .
if youve a 4k tv you may as well get the s

I agree with the previous post, with a 4k tv I'd go for the s.
As for the Disney infinity / Lego dimensions, they'll work with any version.

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Thanks for the replies!
Are they likely to be reduced more during black Friday or is it just pot luck?

Personally I'd say pot luck, but many people have said last year the prices didn't really change for Black Friday, but if you can wait it's worth seeing, can't go wrong

I had 3 different xbox one s consoles. All with the faulty fan issue. Its quite common, look it up if you haven't heard about it. Just your luck if you get a silent one. I had no luck. Ended up getting a refund and buying the Elite for £179 from Tesco. The S is probably better, but you'll only get a 500gb for the price of a 1TB elite. The elite controller is also very good.

100% get the One S.
Just to take advantage of your 4K TV. As the One S will play 4K blu-rays, stream Netflix in 4K and you can also play 4K vids via a USB.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, the S it is then
I'll hold out until black Friday as I'm in no rush, fingers crossed there'll be some decent deals around! Thanks again.
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