Xbox controller


Looking for the cheapest s type xbox controller.

Thanks in adance.


Do you want the official xbox controller or is it ok to be a cheaper make??

Original Poster

^The official Xbox s type controller please.


£17.99 on Amazon (free delivery) but I dont know if thats cheapest. Whats the S stand for?

Not sure what it officially stands for but I've always thought of it as 'small' as it's the smaller controller. When the Xbox originally launched there were two controllers, a larger one which was standard and also a smaller one for the Japanese market as it was deemed their hands were smaller (I'm not joking) However as it turned out, most people preferred the smaller design so the larger controller was phased out and replaced by the s-type controller across all territories. The Xbox 360 is very similar to the s-type controller in size and weight although obviously features a few modifications.

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