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Found 8th Nov 2017
Hey guys, I need to purchase £90 of Xbox gift cards for COD pro edition, anyone know the best way or just cdkeys? Cheers chaps
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6 Comments…box might work out cheaper than cdkeys?
Are they trustworthy and any good? Not used before
Amazon currently selling £20 cards for £17.29 which works out a little better than cdkeys.usual price

I also got an extra £5 credit on an Amazon gift card and then used that to buy the Xbox cards. Not sure if the Amazon £5 is account specific though
Is the game your looking for only available on the xbox store, it’s usually a rip off for m there
The Xbox store was the cheapest for the pro version unless anyone can find it cheaper?
sasultrasonic16 h, 29 m ago

Are they trustworthy and any good? Not used before

I've used zeek multiple times for different retailer vouchers but never used them for xbox ones, they offer a guarantee so if it doesn't work your not out of pocket
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