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Found 4th Nov 2017
Hello everyone, probably a very simple question for Xbox users here. I have an Xbox One S and the dashboard keeps offering 1 months free gold membership but when I click it I get a message saying my subscription is past due and to go to I done this and was looking for an overdue balance in red according to Google, but there isn't one! I know for a fact I turned off auto renewal so I thought a simple live chat or call to Xbox would sort it, how wrong was I? apparently live chat isn't an option, the phone number listed doesn't work and when I finally found a number on Google they let me get through all the options before telling me they're closed! Does anyone have a contact number that actually works? Or know their opening times as I called after 9 a.m.

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Don't know if you've sorted it but I've just looked on Microsoft support web page and after a few clicks of telling them what your problem is there's an option to request a call back
All sorted cheers! I went on to request a call back but live chat was available! I didn't owe them anything but I shouldn't have been offered the free trial.
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