Xbox Data Migration

    Hey guys, I currently have a 60GB xbox 360 HDD, looking to get a 250GB and was just wondering on a Data Migration kit and how easy the process is.

    I've seen a few knocking around on ebay and such, does it matter if you get an official one? Is the process the same?

    Has anyone done this process before, if so, what is it like?

    Thanks for the help, rep will be given.


    It's a real simple process... just pop the disc in and follow the instructions, the worst part about it is just the time that it takes.
    You may get a kit when you purchase your 250GB.

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    The HD I'm looking at doesn't come with a kit, sorry should have mentioned that, so I'mgonna have to purchase a separate one. I *think* the software is available for download.

    Just found a guide. ^_^…box
    Thanks for the help.

    You don't need a kit or software.

    Just use any old USB drive, stick it in and copy contents of old hdd.

    Then replace with new hdd, and get your gamertag back and then restore the data from the external drive.

    Takes about 10 minutes.

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    Would a USB external hard drive work? I've got about 30GB of data on the existing drive, is there a guide for this online?

    Some of the cheap, unofficial kits on ebay consist of a USB adapter that lets you connect the 360 hard drive to your pc & a CD of PC software to let you copy the files from your 360 hard drive to your PC hard drive, then back to your new hard drive.
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