Xbox elite controller - wait for Black Friday?!

Posted 10th Nov
My son wants this for Christmas and I’m not sure if I should buy now or wait to see if there are any Black Friday deals for it???? Is that likely? 🤷♀️
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It’s possible but it’s not something that I’ve seen on offer much, if you look back on here I bet there’s been 2/3 specials in past few years, I’d get it whenever anyone has an offer wether that’s before during or after BF
My son got it for his 7th birthday and it was pointless really it’s got loss of little bits he’s constantly losing and he never bothered setting up all the extras you can do, so unless he’s over say 11 it’s a lot of money for nothing
If it’s his main present then buy it somewhere like curry’s or Argos and take it back if you find it cheaper somewhere. That way if they run out of stock in places you’ll have it, they don’t go on sale much.
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They have just released version 2 of the elite controller. This may make take the price of the original 1 down a little.
I guess he plays cod or some form of fps.
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