Xbox elite standard 4GB on board memory


    I'm selling my old xbox elite on Ebay, but I'm keeping my 120 GB hard drive for my new slim. Would my elite have 4GB onboard memory as standard?



    the 120 gb hdd wont fit on a new slim

    The old ones clip on as the new ones drop in.

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    Ive taken the hard drive shell apart and slotted the sata in my new slim and its all up and working, thanks to the tip from jayjay
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    Anyway back on topic, lol... does the elite come with onboard memory? thanks


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    Cheers syzable


    Old xboxes have no onboard as stated.

    arcades do - but only arcade

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    When i say old. I only bought it last year... i take it thats still an "old xbox"?

    only the slim arcade has 4gb, old arcade have 250mb or nothing depending on how old, don't think elites ever had any as they always ship with a hdd.
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