XBOX Elite - things I need to know?

    I am thinking of trading some of my wii games, ds games and my ds lite in tomorrow to get an xbox 360. I just want to know:

    1. Where is best for trade in prices and xbox deals?

    2. What are the main things i need to know about XBox?

    3. What do I need to get online?

    4. Is it cheap to download HD movies?

    Lol.. any advice from x box fans welcome :). I want to be one of you :P!


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    Oh and what's best? elite or arcade?

    what things do you want to know about xbox

    xbox is a high definition gaming console
    online gaming is very good on it and a well shaped controller make it pretty comfortable to use.
    They are quite loud and are prone to RROD (red ring of death) microsoft now covers this though for 3 years

    elite is the console that comes with 120gb hardrive which u can store games photos and music on

    arcade console will not come with the harddrive which u will need to play online

    elite will come with the headset in the box also for online gameplay

    to get online you will need broadband (obviously lol) and you will need to buy a subscription to xbox live normally cost around £30 for the year, u can buy monthly and 3 monthly subscriptions but in the long run they will work out more expensive

    trade in prices normally gamestation are pretty good and i believe they will match with cex so might be worth checkin out the prices online and takin a list with u just incase they come up short

    waits for the ps3 fanboys to jump in soon and complain

    i own both btw xbox for gaming ps3 for media/blu ray imo

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    Is wifi integrated on xbox? Or do I need an adapter?


    Is wifi integrated on xbox? Or do I need an adapter?

    you need an adaptor, you also have to pay for xbox live to play online.


    Oh and what's best? elite or arcade?

    We have just got our son a xbox (elite) for christmas, and i would definitely get a elite( the hard drive makes a real difference).... amazing bit of kit. .. also got him a full hd tv 1080p and I have to say it really adds to the experience....

    not played online yet, and probably wont for a bit, need to get an adapter first...

    got pure and lego batman, forza motorsport 3 and fifa10.... all four games are outstanding.... pure and lego bm are brilliant...

    forgot to say.... all the new bundles, with the new jasper set dont come with a HDMI cable, I bought mine from ebay for £1.99...

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    Oh cool thanks, where did you buy?
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