Xbox for a PS3 trade

Found 30th Dec 2010
It comes with box, 2 controllers, fifa 11, pure, and lego batman, im from nottingham and want to trade it with a PS3 as all my m8s have these and i never use the Xbox but think i would use a PS3 if i had it.

Just wondering whether a its worth the same as a new PS3 with all the stuff that iv got or whether i need to put more towards one or wheres good to trade it in?!
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ps3 > xbox 360
No one from here would, go to cex exchange and then get a ps3 online for like £160 do it quick as they cheap now cuz of sales, ps3 more expensive cuz of bluray player
yea, take it to HMV/CEX etc, and get CASH! you may need to put a few quid towards it, but PS3 for £159 aint bad at all
Sell your shooter, and you'll have enough.
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